GHG is a private investment group geared towards connecting investors to projects and business concerns in the Caribbean with high ROIC. We are a registered company in the island of Dominica.

No. Because GHG is a private investment group it reserve the right to carefully select its partners, members and investors. Here are some basic requirement we seek

  • Affiliated with the Caribbean.
  • Ability to leverage one's network and human capital for the benefit of GHG.
  • Purchase a limited number of company shares.

If a Caribbean business or an entrepreneur with a project profile is in need of funding GHG can assist in finding an investor for the venture. GHG can be involved in every step of the process: finding an investor, sourcing developers, arranging JV partners, writing business plans and fostering strategic relationships. Interested? To start the process we will need:

  • Profile of the project.
  • Sign Non-compete Non-disclose Agreement (NCND).
  • Sign a Representation and Engagement Agreement.
The Caribbean is ripe for investment, particular private sector investments. Tourism related, agriculture logistics concerns, real estate investment trust, manufacturing, exporting of goods are high on GHG list.
In the Caribbean many of the projects are initiated by the public sector. There are great opportunities for deal making and profit generating in a region that is safe and with a people that are educated, enterprising and friendly. With GHG you have a partner you can trust and who knows the Caribbean well.


Why we are?

We connect Caribbean project managers and business owners with investors worldwide. Have a project / business enterprise with high ROIC? Give us a Call.

  • Minimize Risk with Great ROI
  • JV Partner if Required
  • Exit Strategy if Needed

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