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At Green Haven Group we know the Caribbean well.

There are a host of investment opportunities in the Caribbean, but not all opportunities come with attractive returns.

By partnering with the Green Haven Group we will help you find the following opportunities:

  1. Investments that provide clear competitive advantages
  2. Taking-overs with little or no competition
  3. Projects with little start up cost
  4. Acquisitions in which land is offered by the government
  5. Bargains with incredibly generous tax incentives
  6. Businesses that offer services that are in high demand in all the islands
  7. Deals structured to protect your vested interest


Why we are?

We connect Caribbean project managers and business owners with investors worldwide. Have a project / business enterprise with high ROIC? Give us a Call.

  • Minimize Risk with Great ROI
  • JV Partner if Required
  • Exit Strategy if Needed

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